Select your base cinematography package depending on your wedding and add-on the services that you need.

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 Our featured add-ons are tailored to give your wedding video a creative boost.
 Pre-wedding events are a big part of your cultural wedding story.
The colorful and classical footage from these events are added into your feature film to drive your story.
Coverage of each pre-wedding event starts from 2 hours with one cinematographer. Additional hours are $150 /hr.
Some larger pre-wedding events may require an assistant and/or an additional cinematographer. Traveling may apply for each event.
 We love challenges and a Same Day Edit is exactly that.
We film and produce an elegant highlight of your wedding day on-location and show it on your wedding reception.
Your guests will love it! Your family will love it! More importantly, you will love  it.
Projector for the SDE is not included (most wedding DJs should be able to take care of the projector).
For an addition $500, you can upgrade your Same Day Edit to include your love story.
 Everything is important on your wedding day. We will edit your wedding ceremony and reception in it’s entirety.
Cutting between all the camera, angles and mixing the audio – creating a professional video.
That means you are able to have your full wedding ceremony – from beginning to end.
And the Reception – all the speeches, toasts, and special dances in one long video.
This type of doc. edit does not includes pre-ceremony footage (for example bride prep) or pre-wedding events.
You may add-on documentary edits for each pre-wedding event for $600.

All our add-ons enhance your Aperina Cinema experience. Upgrade to a higher delivery quality or add additional hours, it’s pretty simple.

Cinematic Short Film$1,500
A 3-5 minute cinematic film highlighting your wedding days. This film is a perfect for sharing online with family and friends. Posted online 2-3 weeks after event.
Love Story $600
A 3-5 minutes story of your relationship. Your wedding guests will enjoy getting to know you as a couple on your wedding reception. Project not included.
Additional Cinematographer (per hour)$100
We recommend this for large events of 300 or more guests. This allows us to capture more angles of your event and more importantly, more shots of your wedding guests.
RAW footage$500
A hard drive full of ALL of the footage we captured on your wedding days. Unedited. 1 Tb hard drive included.

Additional hours (per hour)$350

For weddings outside of Northern California (plus travel expenses)