Phuket Photographer

Amazing Thailand, land of smile

Thailand is heaven destination for tourists around the world. Thailand is Southeast Asia. here’s the most popular travel destination. There are several tourist attraction where are the best places to visit in here, including wonderful cultural, historic and natural attractions. For the signature of Thailand’s most popular islands & beaches and nature moutain landscaping. As you better know that “Most visitors to Thailand begin their itinerary in the capital city, Bangkok, a flurry of high-rise buildings, sacred temples, floating markets, sizzling nightclubs and congested streets lined with street vendors hawking cheap souvenirs and exotic foods. Cities in the North such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, are gateways to mountain trekking, wildlife, outdoor adventure and ethnic tribes. Old cities like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai offer ancient history, while Kanchanaburi is steeped in important WWII events. The south is home to Thailand’s remarkable island paradise of Phuket, Ko Tao and Ko Samui and gorgeous beach resort towns like Hua Hin and Krabi.” you can see there are several kind of activities, tourist attraction, culture of each area, and so on. All in all, all these amazing Thailand have can attract peoples come here to take their holidays, most of retire decide to take their long last life here because they love Thai, some of them come here to celebrate their happiness here. If you are looking for happiness, We are extremely pleased to invite you to visit us here “THAILAND”

Tawut Pikampon