A videos is worth a thousand words but I think wedding motion videos are more than that; it consists of love, promise, memory, passion, and joy. That’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time.Wedding videography has come a long way. Thanks to camera technology and powerful image editing tools, wedding videographers are able to create and manipulate videos, creating out of the box wedding videos like never before.”
Having a high quality videos of your wedding day will give you the excitement and opportunity to relive it all over again, watching all of those special moments in still or motion. With a passion and love of photography and filming, years of experience and knowledge, and high quality HD equipment, we will capture your special day and turn it into an emotionally moving, custom wedding film.


My name is Tawut Pikampon. I started my shooting about 10 years ago. My hometown, Phuket. I went to a prestigious college where I learned about important things. All weddings share a common theme, but not a common story. This is your story, the story of your family history in the making, the story of your family and friends all coming together to celebrate your wedding. A lot of people seem to overlook or forget about having videos of their wedding and don’t realize just how important it is.


‘Chang’ means ‘Elephant’ in Thai language. That’s my name! My name’s Zee, I’m Thai and nice to meet you. I was born in the south of Thailand. I graduated from Faculty of Engineering at Prince of Songkla Universitythat is on top 5 of the best universities in Thailand.I love arts and sports since I was young and I believe in fortune and opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to study about something that I don’t like .. it’s never nice for me. Whereas, it happened! I cannot go backward .. I need to keep going .. yes! I tried to study with something that I don’t like. I did it again and again with my tolerance and then it made me earn many good things from ‘Engineering’. I got how to manage my life and it made me have responsibility with myself and many things that I need to do. I can learn and work orderly and systematically and the most important thing is that I knew ‘how to take Photographs’.