Jess & Hans Weddig at the Sava Villa’s in Phuket, Thailand

This is Jess and Hans. We just want to thank you for the amazing pictures you took for us on the wedding day. We just went through it yesterday! You captured all our special moments and now we can keep them forever!!! Thank you!!! And the video! Hahah! Really what a great video. I couldn’t stop crying watching it. Thanks again , and wish you continued success!! Love Jess & Hans

This wedding shoot with phuketphotographer


Jess & Hans Weddig at the Sava Villa’s in Phuket, Thailand | Thailand Wedding Photographer and Videographer services in Thailand,Phuket, Krabi ,Koh Samui l Indian Wedding Phuket Thailand l Koh Samui Wedding Photographer

Phuket Krabi Koh Samui photographer | Thailand Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Koh Samui photographer Professional photographer & videographer based in Phuket We provides creative photographer services in Thailand,Phuket ,Koh Samui , Krabi , Thailand wedding photographer & videographer. “A videos is worth a thousand words but I think wedding motion videos are more than that; it consists of love, promise, memory, passion, and joy. That’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time.Wedding videography has come a long way. Thanks to camera technology and powerful image editing tools, wedding videographers are able to create and manipulate videos, creating out of the box wedding videos like never before.”